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  • 2021 Best Cat Foods and Nutritional Vitamins for Sphynx Cats
  • Sphynx cats are the famous hairless cat breed. Many of them do actually have small amounts of hair, but it is akin to nothing more than peach fuzz. Some adorable ones are born completely hairless, but these are on the rarer side of instances. While they are hairless and can be perceived as rare and high […]

  • Cat Supplies that are Essential for Sphynx Cats
  • A cat that will immediately turn the heads of everybody because of its notable hairless coat, wrinkled skin, and very large ears. Born in a very sleek, muscular body that is dense and is quite heavy for their body type, Sphynx cats are the new cat internet sensation.  These cats’ heads are triangular, with a […]

  • Working with a high-quality breeder assures that you buy a healthy Sphynx kitten. Beware of ads in the back of the newspaper, or worse yet, signs on street corners. These are the purview of backyard “breeders” who are, for the most part, running kitten mills. Animals produced in overcrowded, caged conditions are bred for profit […]

  • Why Do Cats Bite and Scratch?
  • Why do cats bite and scratch? There are a number of standard sort of aggressiveness based attacking and scraping behaviors in felines; and also some of them are traceable to behavior they picked up from their owners or interactions with their owners. Why do cats bite and scratch? Kittycats discover to bite and also scratch […]

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